We help people to realise all dreams and imagination are possible through design

设计所有梦想和想象力, 空间管理实用性的美学室内设计

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We help you to realize all dreams and imagination are possible

About Us

We specialised in modernisation and minimalist in interior design service, consultation, and space management strategy.
设计所有梦想和想象力, 空间管理实用性的美学室内设计

In NEST we always believe every design and every concept is unique in its own way, and it’s our job as a designer to help client to seek or to visualise what they’re looking for. We’ve have nearly more than 12 years of experiences in various design industry such as interior design, website , graphic, videography, and photography.


Every little detail in space planing, material, site condition and project limitation made a characteristic design. It all by the chemistry of space synchronization. SpaceSync specialised in minimal design concept and space planning efficiency with more than 15 years experiences. Our design direction is primary toward modern minimalist concept for commercial use and residential.

Featured Projects

All perfectly designed with absolute modern aesthetic and touch of modernisation
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