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设计所有梦想和想象力, 空间管理实用性的美学室内设计

TRA MK 1 | 系列 TRA 1

Space occupancy is always the biggest challenging in interior design industry, the concept implemented in the design was a balance point between practicality and elegancy. We used a dark theme and wooden-toned design in the concept , and further perfect it with synchronised with brown-toned furnitures, equipment, ambient lightning, etc to project out a relaxing ambient and feel.

在室内设计行业中,空间占用一直是最大的挑战,设计中实现的概念是实用性和优雅之间的平衡点。 我们在概念中使用了深色主题和木制调设计,并与棕色调家具,设备,环境闪电等同步进行进一步完善,以投射出轻松的环境和感觉。

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