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设计所有梦想和想象力, 空间管理实用性的美学室内设计

H MK 1 |系列 H 1

Based on a minimal idealism as foundation, which maximises every corner and space available, and reflecting a touch of modernisation in design. The concept and theme in the design is to effectively occupied every space within the unit, and also able to bring out a warm and therapeutical atmospheric by using warm lightning effect, and further furnished with earth-toned accessories and furnitures.

以简洁的理想主义为基础,最大程度地利用了每个角落和空间,并体现了设计的现代化感。 设计中的概念和主题是有效地占据单位内的每个空间,并能够通过使用温暖的闪电效果带出温暖的治疗性气氛,并进一步配备带有大地色调的配件和家具。

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